Years 7 – 9

All of the students are well-behaved. They are friendly and it is easy to make friends.” - Jacob, year 7


“The staff are really helpful and kind.” – Mohammed, year 7


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Photos: students benefit from individual attention in French and English; collaborate on experiments in science, participate in Drama, create art and learn about the law from a visiting police officer.


  • Small class sizes
  • A personal approach
  • Individual attention
  • A close-knit environment ensures that no one goes unnoticed

Academic progress

  • Closely monitored by the leadership team
  • Assessments at the end of each half-term

Motivating teachers

  • Highly-qualified, experienced staff know how to challenge and motivate
  • Firm foundations laid for GCSE;  skills vital to examination success are taught
  • Students encouraged to be highly organised and increasingly independent in their learning
  • Students enabled to analyse and learn from their mistakes

Pastoral – strong social networks

We are proud of the warm and welcoming atmosphere we have established at Bales College. Vertical integration among year groups creates strong social networks in which students support and care for each other. Newcomers settle quickly, with the half-term study trip in the autumn term a chance to get to know each other in a more informal setting. Smaller year groups allow the Head of Lower School time to work with students on an individual basis if and when problems arise. Our friendly and approachable staff will always take time to sit down and talk to a student about any anxieties they may have, whether work related or otherwise.

Study trips

“Trips give us the opportunity to learn outside a classroom scenario and develop a stronger bond between classmates and teachers; we experience new things together and learn to present ourselves in a respectful way towards the general public.” - Lena, year 9

Learning experiences - students benefit from

  • opportunities to develop strong interpersonal skills and an awareness of the world around them
  • creative projects with different community groups
  • workshops at some of London’s most prestigious cultural and educational establishments, including Tate Britain, the British Film Institute and The Science Museum

Parent and guardian contact

  • An open and honest dialogue between home and school
  • Close co-operation on homework and discipline encourages students to feel supported
  • Detailed feedback on progress via school reports and parents evenings
  • Head of Key Stage 3 always contactable by email and telephone should any questions or concerns arise

“In my experience, the level of communication between parents and teachers is fantastic, as easy and as often as required.” - Carmen, parent